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Entry #5


2009-12-24 17:03:53 by halen1

For all the dumbass, smartass things i post in the BBS, i don't get banned. Seriously there's several things i do that could be consider bannable, but i get banned for this (pic below). I'm not bitching, i actually laughed when i saw that i was banned again, and i laughed harder when i saw the reason. Honestly, i think the general sections mods have their priorities screwed up to ban me for "Do A Barrel Roll." So, i print screened it and it's below.

In other news, Merry Christmas everyone! i already got my girlfriends present, i got my Hard Drive (400GB) and also i got "Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables", i thought it was so cool that she got me 2 presents. But Anyway Merry Christmas!



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2009-12-25 18:15:26

If people on 4chan got banned for posting old memes ad nauseam, it would be a far more tolerable website.

halen1 responds:

actually, if they got rid of the spam, DDoSers, go to my site people, camwhores, newfags, porn freaks, and law breakers, then it would be more tolerable.


2009-12-26 17:08:05

Newgrounds mods are a bunch of pseudos with their heads up their own asses, remember highschool, that table of people that bought like, overpriced army jackets, and communist hats, and talked about how super awesome the beatles were, especially because theyre the only people that knew them, no one else does, remember all that?

The mods are all the people i wouldnt talk to in highschool, combined in one place, from all over the world, the internet is magical

halen1 responds:

lolz, they were similar guys like that at my high school, but they didn't have commie hats, and they would talk about Iron Maiden and war tactics. But i see what you mean.